PMU Training Logistics

PMU offers a variety of webED solutions to meet your needs. webED offers students all the benefits of a classroom based training.

Live Instructors:  Each webinar is directed by a live instructor.

Custom Webinars:  Customers can request a custom webinar to meet their specific needs. A custom webinar is specifically tailored to one client and their needs.  Customers have complete access to a dedicated instructor and virtual machine environment. The exercises completed could be completed on the customer's system and once that is completed, the customer can come away with the actual files and configurations they worked on during the webinar!

Reduced cost:  Because we do not have to ship equipment or an instructor, we can lower the cost of the class and pass those savings along to you. 

Contact us for more information about a custom Webinar by submitting a query through the button below or contact us at (615) 287-2230.