Payment FAQs

Credit Card (Subject to Individual Approval)

  • Payments via Visa®, MasterCard®, or American Express® can be submitted during the individual online registration process.

  • A credit card registration is the simplest and quickest way to guarantee your training seat. After choosing credit card as your form of payment, you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to input your card information. A successful submission means an immediate transaction, upon which both you and the student (if different from the card holder) will receive a confirmation email containing links to the credit card receipt, class logistics, and course description/agenda.

  • Submission unsuccessful even after double-checking your info was entered correctly? Your course's tuition may exceed your card's transaction limit, or it may put you over your card's monthly allowable limit. It could possibly be classified as an unapproved purchase, if your company categorizes purchases from Schneider Electric as equipment/meters, for example. A call to your issuing bank should identify the reason, and they may be able to give you a brief window of approval for the transaction to be completed.

  • If you have already secured your training seat via credit card but are unable to attend due to an unforeseen event, please contact us to reschedule. Alternatively, we can issue you a prepaid voucher that you can redeem online once you are ready to reschedule.

Purchase Order

  • All purchase orders should be made out to Schneider Electric USA, Inc. (we are unable to process PO's made out to other Schneider entities, such as Schneider Electric IT or Schneider Electric Buildings).

  • If your company has a direct purchase account with Schneider Electric USA, then you can submit an electronic copy of your direct training PO to If you do not have a direct purchase account, please contact an authorized Schneider Electric USA distributor:

  • Need a formal training quote? Please contact your regional sales team by referring to the map below:

  • Invoicing against purchase orders will not take place until after the student's attendance has been confirmed in the class unless otherwise requested (possible exception - prepaid voucher orders).

  • Please be aware that a registration receipt email is not a training confirmation. Your final training email confirmation will be issued once a copy of the valid purchase order is received (direct or distributor PO, as applicable).

Prepaid Voucher

  • Identification: a factory voucher number will contain 3 or 4 hyphenated sections beginning with one of the following prefixes: V3; V4; V4B; PPV3; PPV4; PPV4B

  • A standard prepaid training voucher can be purchased for both 3 and 4-day factory training classes. The purchase of the vouchers allows the customer to allocate their budgeted training dollars, without the need for prior commitment to a specific course or course dates. The voucher number serves as the student's form of payment during the online registration process for the course of their choosing.

  • A prepaid training voucher is often purchased along with an annual service agreement, to be used in conjunction with the 2-for-1 coupon that Premium and Priority level service agreements include.

2-for-1 Coupon, also known as the BOGO (Buy One-Get One free) or PSUP/Support Coupon

  • The 2-for-1 coupon is issued to qualifying Premium and Priority support customers within their welcome packet, upon activation or renewal of their annual service agreement. The coupon allows the customer to attend two PMU factory training classes for the price of only one during its pertaining support contract year.

  • The coupon can be used in any one of the following three ways:
    • One person can attend two different classes for the price of one
    • Two people can attend the same class for the price of one
    • Two people can attend two different classes for the price of one

  • The first attendee should register by submitting a valid form of payment (credit card, PO, or prepaid voucher), and the second attendee should register using the coupon number as their form of payment.

  • Coupons are equal to or lesser than the value of the paid seat, and are limited to one free seat per year (it cannot be multiplied).

NEW! Discounted Training Through Prime and Ultra Support Level Packages

If your company has purchased a Prime or Ultra level support package, your agreement includes discounted factory class training with PMU*. This discount can be used an unlimited number of times throughout your active service coverage. Your contract manager will have received an email from the Schneider Service Agreements department ( containing your unique discount code, along with On-Demand Campus log-on credentials.
Registration instructions:
  1. Choose the class for which you would like to register and log in with your alphanumeric student ID number.
  2. Agree to the Terms & Conditions and enter the student's mobile phone number to proceed.
  3. On the payment information page, choose either Credit Card or Purchase Order as the form of payment. Upon choosing either of these options, you will be given the opportunity to enter your Discount Code before submitting/continuing.
    • If paying by credit card, the discount will automatically be applied to the total amount due. Once the payment is complete, the student (and card holder, if other than the student) will receive a final email confirmation guaranteeing the training seat. The email will include a link to download/print the transaction receipt (for more information, see the Credit Card section on this page).
    • If paying by purchase order, the registration will tentatively hold the seat until we are in receipt of your order (for more information, see the Purchase Order section on this page). Once the order is applied to the registration, the student will receive a final email confirmation guaranteeing their training seat.

*Support Discount Codes cannot be combined with 2-for-1 Coupons or the Critical Power EcoXpert Program discount. Discount Codes are only applicable towards Factory and Regional classroom training, and cannot be applied towards online or custom onsite training.

For a list of eligible classes, please visit: