PME Deployment Certification Exam

Length: 7 hours


 This is not a course but a certification exam that consists of two parts.  

A written part that covers the installation and troubleshooting of hardware and communication devices. 

A practical portion using a VM and it is the students job to setup and configure system to project specifications

There will be a time limit to complete both parts of the exam and an instructor will grade the exam looking for correct functionality and attention to details within the project specification.

Who should attend

Engineers or Integrators responsible for the commissioning and verification of a PME system install


Successful completion of

  •  PME Deployment Course


Completion of all of the following courses

  • PME Administrator
  • Installation and Troubleshooting
  • PME Designer

Students will be able to

 Upon successful certification Students will be considered as competent engineers to setup and commission PME systems in the field.  Please be aware that this certification does not substitute for the skills acquired through exposure and experience in the field on real world systems.