Integration and Programming in PME (1 Day)

Length: 1 day


This 1-day training ADVANCED curriculum focuses on teaching Power Monitoring System users how to maintain and customize their system to best meet their needs. Students will learn how to manage and manipulate the data within their Power Monitoring System and how to create graphical screens for data visualization.


Who should attend

NOTE: THIS IS AN ADVANCED COURSE. This course is designed for anyone familiar with the Designer tool at a basic level. Anyone who is responsible for the data that is displayed for users within the Power Monitoring System. This class is for power users and ADVANCED Power Monitoring System users.


  • Working knowledge of PME software, especially experience using Vista
  • Working knowledge of the default capabilities of ION meters
  • General computer skills and basic working experience with Microsoft Windows
  • Completion of a PME Fundamentals or Overview course is recommended

Students will be able to

  • Utilize PME Designer to manipulate data
  • Examine and change configuration of meters using PME Designer
  • Manipulate data in software using Virtual ION Processor
  • Create and customize Vista Diagrams to visualize data